That’s Christmas done for us. All sold out.

Phew! Said Farmer Al and Farmer Dave! It’s been a very busy Christmas period with our regular market stall at the Tynwald Christmas Markets, as well as our pre-Christmas ordering blitz which saw orders from customers loved and new (and also loved) ahead of our 11th December ordering deadline.

For now, we’re going to focus on getting all the Christmas deliveries done by 23rd December, so that fridges across the island are ready with their Ballakelly Farm hampers for Christmas Day.

While we finish with fulfilling the orders, our shop stock is now depleted until after we do the deliveries this week. Come back to check out our new stock after 23 December.

To close off the year, we thought we’d republish our little Christmas deadline video which was such a smash on social media. Enjoy, and may you and all those that you love have a safe, joyous, and well-earned Merry Christmas.

Lots of love from the Ballakelly Farm team.

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