Mangus dry aged fillet


Manx + Angus = Mangus

Enjoy our latest treat: dry-aged Mangus in a magnificent fillet.


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Reared on a neighbouring farm to us in Andreas, Isle of Man, this Manx Angus has enjoyed a life of grass fed goodness, and a stress free days on the fields.

Enjoy the high quality of meat from the Angus, with its lovely marbling which keeps the meat moist when cooking. This means tastier, more flavoursome beef.

About Our Cows

The Ballakelly cow is a blend of Charolais, Limousin and Aberdeen Angus which help maintain medium-sized cows of manageable weights for the mothers. The Angus also introduces a natural sturdiness and a coat and hide suited for the Manx climate. Recently we have been selling Manx Wagyu which is a cross of local dairy cows with Wagyu insemination. Our cattle run in groups of around 30 – meaning optimal ‘mob’ grazing potential during spring and summer, and are indoors during winter feeding on home-grown silage and cereals blended with peas for additional protein. Growing the grains and peas we feed our animals means we don’t have to import food, which significantly offsets the methane emissions of the Ballakelly herd. Our animals develop proper structure, size and fat content that results in beautiful marbling, tenderness and fulsome flavour. We dry age some of our beef which significantly enhances texture and taste, for genuinely outstanding depth and melting softness. It takes time: four weeks, generally – but we think it’s worth it.